Hi, I'm Zhuang Guo

I am a UX/Product designer,
and a self-motivated team player,
that aligns users' needs with business value.

Anti-Money Landuring System

Bank of China New York Branch, UX Design Intern. Redesigned the AI-based dashboard interface.


School Project. Designed an Omni-channeled futuristic public transportation system.

Design for Scheduling (in-progress)

Capstone Project. Create a delightful experience for a small group of friends to schedule leisure activities.


School Project. Prototyped an IoT system that allows users to keep in touch with their pets remotely.

Evaluation Projects

School Projects. Interface Critique, Heuristic Evaluation, Field Study.

The Tower

School Project. Designed an embodied in-store shopping experience.

My Daydream

Self-Notes. Collecting UX insights from everyday life.