User Evaluation Projects

Interface Criticism   Heuristic Evaluation   Field Study   Usability Testing

Project Summary

4 School Projects

In these Projects, I evaluated 4 products/design by conducting interface criticism, heuristic evaluation, field study, usability testing.

Interface Criticism

Momentum Valley is a mobile puzzle game. In this project, I analyzed its information hierarchy and evaluated interfaces based on aesthetic principles, including untiy, balance, emphasis, materiality, represeentation style, remediation, etc...

Usability Testing is a UI/UX prototyping tool. In this project, we conducted a usability testing with 5 participants to investigate the question 'can novice users build an interactive prototype from scratch easily.' The process and results are discussed in the slide.

Field Study

Scan, Bag, Go is a checkout service in Payless. With a scanner, users can self-checkout during their shopping journey quickly. In this project, we conducted a field study and contextual inqury to understand the user experience in the service.

Heuristic Evaluation

A instrument case was designed to improve the musicians' travel experience. In this project, I created unique heuristics based on the client's needs, research on instrument cases, and Neilson's heuristics. These heuristics were used in the evaluation with 5 participants.